Sarah & Liz Making Breakfast Smoothies

One on One Nutritional Therapy, Food Coaching and Advice

Liz and Sarah practise and live near Leeds in West Yorkshire. We work face to face with many clients both from a nutritional therapy perspective and practically helping people learn how to plan, organise, shop for and cook Real Food. We can also do Skype consultations.

People come to us for help for lots of different reasons such as niggling aches and pains, tummy troubles, hormonal problems or infertility, lack of energy or fatigue, anxiety, headaches, autoimmune disease, allergies or they’re just fed up of carrying round those extra pounds and feeling rubbish.

Come and get the latest bespoke nutritional advice to show you what to eat and the benefit of practical experience to show you how to eat.

Get in touch to make a change and start to live life to the full again and Eat Real and Heal!


Our NEW Online Course Helping Couples with Infertility or Undertaking IVF


eating scallion and egg is good for fertilisation