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Sarah & Liz first met in 2011.

Sarah had been suffering with endometriosis and was about to undergo her third round of surgery and start IVF. There was more and more research being published about how food and autoimmune conditions are linked. She desperately needed to do something to help her cope with the disease and bring some control back into her life. She found Liz to help her feel better and give her the best possible chance of IVF working.



Sarah & Liz Cutting Fruit for a smoothieLiz showed her that the traditional western diet of toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner, with a slice of cake thrown in at tea time was making her sluggish and feel rubbish. She completely changed her food lifestyle and within 3 months had lost 18 pounds, recovered from surgery, had energy and fell pregnant just before the start of IVF. Sarah is convinced the nutritional therapy from Liz turned her life around and has never looked back.

That is why Eat Real and Heal was founded 4 years later as Liz and Sarah’s professional relationship and later friendship grew into a desire to help others change their lives and spread the message in an accessible way for normal people leading busy lifestyles. What makes Sarah and Liz unique is the combination of their skills so Eat Real and Heal not only shows you the science and the research from a qualified nutritionist but also the practical tips, recipe ideas and know how from a real food lover already eating like this every day.

The message is nutrition and health are closely related. What you eat can make you feel better. This is not about fad diets; it is about a healthy food philosophy which means eating “Real Food”. No food in packets full of additives, processed sugars, salts and fats. Three proper meals a day, rich in protein, nutrients and full of taste.

We also don’t take ourselves too seriously. This is an important message but whatever you do in life it should be fun and delicious!

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More about Liz’s Expertise….

Liz QualificationsLiz is passionate about nutrition. She is a fully qualified, regulated and experienced practicing Nutritional Therapist.


She keeps her knowledge up to date by attending a regular stream of seminars, workshops and training courses; focused on specialist areas at a highly advanced level. These include fertility and nutrition; sports nutrition; and Nutrigenomics (the study of food on gene expression).

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Liz has put all of these qualifications to good use as an expert in her field. She has been a clinical tutor on the British College of Nutrition and Health Diploma course and ran nutritional therapy clinics for Nuffield Health, a major national health charity.Liz Expert Tags

In her private practice Liz has over six years of experience and has improved the lives of hundreds of people; building up a huge bank of customer testimonials. Many of these talk about life transforming results and even alleviating conditions which have been unexplained for years. She even has acknowledgements from General Practitioners who have seen her transform their patients.

Treatment Icons

Her clients have suffered from a wide range of health issues and she most commonly sees difficulty managing weight, hormone imbalances and infertility, digestive challenges and food intolerances and poor cognitive function. She also helps those exercising and playing sports to maximise their nutrition for performance.

“I just wish Liz had been my first resort and not my last as I would have avoided the last two years of trauma, upset and all too frequent and unsuccessful trips to the doctors” – Ingrid

 “I met with Elizabeth in the summer of 2015. I had been having problems with my stomach for months and was getting to the end of my tether.  She patiently and knowledgeably advised me to avoid certain foods and planned out a healthy daily diet plus a course of supplements to help heal my gut and build my strength back up. She was also excellent in steering me through NHS tests. I followed her plan for 4 months and my symptoms slowly faded” – Naomi

 “The plan and the help which Elizabeth has given me has been invaluable. Not only has the pain in my feet gone and gastrointestinal health improved but I have lost two stone in weight” – Tracy Hitchcock

 “Liz deciphers all the rubbish and mistruths that we are told about our food.  She has developed a way to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to enable her clients to gain a lifetime of positive health outcomes” Dr Neil Shaw


Liz Book CoverLiz co-published Helping Yourself to Health which is used with young people by various public health organisations such as the Public Health Agency for Northern Ireland and NHS Plymouth.

She speaks regularly. Recent examples have been speaking at Mamas & Papas Mums to Be events on nutrition for pregnancy, Yorkshire Endometriosis Support Group on nutrition for hormone balance, Care Sheffield Fertility Clinic speaking to the doctors and nurses on fertility and nutrition and Optegra Eye Hospital speaking at a patient evening on ocular health and nutrition.


Liz Corporate Clients


She speaks in a corporate environment demonstrating the links between nutrition and hydration and optimum performance of employees e.g. Direct Line, British Gas, Barclays and NHS Leeds.



Liz SHINE ProgrammeLiz is a pro bono nutrition advisor to a weight management programme for adolescents called SHINE Health Academy and has been responsible for designing a menu plan for their annual residential that has been a major factor in significant weight losses for all of the young people attending the residential. She also runs nutrition workshops for Touchstone’s Positive Care Programme for people with long-term conditions and Brighter Days Ahead, a group aimed to assist refugees, asylum seekers, migrant workers and their dependants with health promotion and good citizenship.

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