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We are Sarah & Liz, the founders of Eat Real & Heal.Sarah & Liz in our Eat Real and Heal T Shirts

Liz is a Nutritional Therapist, registered with the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She is hugely experienced working successfully with a wide variety of clients all with different needs. They all turn to Liz to help them change their health through food.

Sarah is a keen cook, putting Eating Real into daily practice (Sarah is the short one!). She has some formal cookery training and also works with Liz’s clients doing practical face to face sessions on food mentoring – physically showing people how to organise, plan and cook real food to help them implement Liz’s nutritional recommendations.

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Read What Our Clients Say About Us

“I sought Liz’s advice because I was feeling a debilitating tiredness at certain times of the day. She led me through my food diary, making realistic suggestions for a healthier diet. With the information and recipes she gave me, I was quickly able to make healthier food choices without feeling deprived of my ‘favourites’. This was easy to get used to and after ten weeks, it feels normal. I no longer have periods of extreme tiredness and although it was not my main aim, I have also lost a stone in weight. Without restricting my eating habits, Liz showed me how to introduce healthier foods into my diet. It has made all the difference and I am extremely grateful.”
Vicky, Leeds

“I started seeing Elizabeth Cooper in January 2015. I had a diagnosed gastrointestinal issue, a condition which causes severe pain in my feet and regular migraines and I was eating unhealthily. I am a vegetarian and I was looking for a healthier way of eating. Elizabeth introduced me to a new eating plan and I began experimenting with the recipes. Elizabeth prescribed a range of vitamins which helped with various ailments. Since embarking on this programme I have cut out to a large extent; dairy products, wheat, gluten, salt, sugar and processed foods. I now buy fresh ingredients and eat a lot of alkaline foods like avocado, broccoli, spirulina, kale, etc…The plan and the help which Elizabeth has given me has been invaluable. Not only has the pain in my feet and my migraines and gastrointestinal health improved but I have lost two stone in weight and I am determined not to get into bad eating habits again!! I would definitely recommend Elizabeth if you have nutritional concerns and want to get your life back on track.”

 Tracy, West Yorkshire

I really enjoyed our food mentoring day, for me personally I liked talking about the cooking and using the spices etc…. the chicken was amazing, zingy … so yummy. I have cooked the ragu today which is lovely as well, so I am really loving your recipes as they are easy to do and taste amazing. So I am actually cooking and I really feel that our session helped me move forward with that. So a big massive thank you.”

Alexandra, Leeds

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